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Connie Farmer
Bryant Al 35958
423-762-8351 or 423-762-8525


Connie Farmer
Man's Best Friend Kennel

Connie and Boston Terrier Puppy
Boston Terrier Puppy
We were at Vet getting Vet Check. September 2014

Great Grand baby
Miniature Schnauzer for Sale
Austin loving puppy

We love our puppies. Boston Terrier Puppy.
Boston Terrier Puppy
Chloe My grand daughter waiting for puppies new family

Chloe, Bailey and a Boston Terrier Puppy Emily
Boston Terrier Puppy
Grand Babies.

Landen I want up there too!!!
Man's Best Friend Kennel.
Landen Grandson with is Dog Krone.

  Welcome to our   Website.

We want to thank you for looking at our Puppies. Our puppies are loved and play with. So they will be use to Children when they are Adopted by there new families. 

We hope to help you find that perfect Puppy,Companion and Best friend here today on our website. Puppies make the world go around and make the perfect best friend. Thank You!!

Cocker Spaniel puppies


                               Man's Best Friend
A distance howl on a moon lit night. Tells all who hears of the impending fight. Life depends on a successful hunt. But will come to and end for the unlucky one. Who can say how it all began. That special bond between dog and man. Perhaps an out cast lonely stray, Wonder into mans camp one day. Perhaps an orphaned little pup, Raised with tender care, Bestowed in it's heart, Such unwavering trust, To attack a full grown bear. Or perhaps for reason we do not know, Maybe part of a bigger plan, That put us on this path were on, That bond between dog and man. From the artic circle, To the cattle farm, To the grip of a blind mans hand, Such devoted love, For a pat on the head, That makes him a man's best friend.                       
          Poem : By  Edward J Farmer Jr

John 3:16